op-1...and chill

I really love the teenage engineering op-1. It's a portable synth, drum machine, 4 track recorder, sampler, and MORE! I wanted to start venturing into the world of electronic music and saw the op-1 and knew it was the piece of gear I was looking for. Since then, it's become a central part of my musical journey, and has really allowed me to explore sound and my own creativity in ways that I just couldn't do before. 

I help run a really awesome instagram page called @op1andchill. That's right... just like Netflix and Chill... but with the op-1. I repost a lot of inspiring content from other people with op-1's, curate giveaways and competitions, and make tutorials! 

I'm also a beta tester for Teenage Engineering's powerful sequencer:  the op-z. The op-z is a robust sequencer with video and light control. It will truly be a game changer for the entire music industry. Check out my own instagram for lots of op-1 content, or follow @op1andchill to become part of the growing community of op-1 users and fans.